Worship Opportunities

The Worship planning team for General Council 44 is requesting assistance from friends of The United Church of Canada.

The Invitation

We are preparing worship for the 44th General Council, which is happening from February through August 2022! We are seeking your submissions, some of which might be used in a worship service or a moment of reflection.

Ways to Participate in the Meeting of the General Council


Respond to our short survey.

Please respond to the following questions: “What is ONE word that you would use to describe Jesus?” and/or “What phrase would you use to describe Jesus?”

There are a variety of demographic questions (all are optional) and these responses may form a word cloud for us. What we mean by this is that we might create an image that shows how BIPOC Diaconal ministers responded to the question - the more the word is used, the larger the word becomes. We can create difference images from different groups of people.


Visit and contribute to our KudoBoard.

You can submit a response to the question “Who do you say that I am?” in a variety of ways:

  • in writing
  • in artistic representation
  • in video

You will be invited to continue to return and check out this virtual installation.

NB: If you submit something here, the Terms of Service from KudoBoard indicate that they have the right to do whatever they want with any uploaded content, including sublicense it, until it is deleted. However, this is similar to all Terms of Service for many social media platforms.

Virtual Choir

Has your community of faith done some form of virtual choir over the past 18-months? Would you like to submit it for possible use during a General Council worship service?

Community of Faith Art Project

Your community of faith is invited to create some form of art project beginning with General Council in February and continuing through to the end of July. You can share the finished product on the KudoBoard as above.


The Rev. Graham K. Brownmiller, Worship Coordinator