Preparing for Council

Like any meeting or event, there are always things to do before the actual date as well as while in attendance. Between now and July 2021, this is where to look for information about the 44th General Council, July 21–25, 2021. Information on all aspects of GC44 will be posted as it becomes available.

Become a Commissioner

The meeting of the General Council is a time to set priorities, policies, and directions for the United Church and elect the Moderator for the next triennium. This work is completed by Commissioners, 204 of which are elected by the regional councils, others elected in other ways or through a position they serve in.

Commissioners serve a three-year term starting officially with the in-person General Council meeting and followed by attending the subsequent annual general meetings of the General Council held electronically each year for the remainder of the triennium. Being a Commissioner also involves preparing for the in-person General Council meeting by attending or reviewing all pre-General Council webinars.

To learn more about being a Commissioner, please read Role of Commissioners document below or speak to the executive minister for your region.

Business Process

In 2018, a new business process was introduced at the 43rd General Council. This process will be used again at GC44. Learn more about how the business of the meeting will unfold.

Submit a Proposal

The business that is brought forward at GC44 comes from proposals, which originate from all levels of the church. Proposals coming from communities of faith and local ministries need to be approved at the regional council level first.

If your ministry has a proposal to bring forward, please use the template provided below. Contact your regional council office for deadlines or additional guidelines they require.