Connection and Networking
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Connect with GC44

As you probably know, General Council 44 will be held completely online for the first time this year. While this means we won't be able to gather in person for General Council as so many of us are used to, it also means there are unique opportunities for those who are not Commissioners, Invited Guests, or Youth Forum members to join in the event and stay connected to GC44 no matter where they are.

Below are some of the ways you can connect online with General Council 44 and follow the proceedings along with a community of United Church people and like-minded followers from across Canada and even around the world.

Proposals, Reports, and Other Documents

The documents are also available on the United Church Commons in the 44th General Council folder. Because of technical issues we're having with the Commons this link won't work if you copy and share it with others. Instead, send them to this page to click on this link. Note: The PheedLoop documents will be updated constantly as needed, while the ones on the Commons will be updated only when they are final, probably in June or July.

This site is the online hub for all news and information related to GC44, including latest updates, the agenda, Moderator nominees and election, breaking news, and more. You can also sign up to receive the latest news updates from GC44 in your inbox! 


Follow GC44 as it happens on the United Church YouTube channel, including worship, plenary gatherings, learning sessions, nominee speeches, the vote for the next Moderator, and more. You can also log in using your Google account to share comments and discuss the proceedings in real time with the community of followers.


The United Church Facebook page will feature ongoing news, commentary, video, and photos throughout General Council 44. Follow the United Church page to share your comments and keep up to date on all the proceedings. You can also join a discussion on the work of the council in the GC44 Conversations group.

Other Social Media Platforms

Join us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates, stories, and photos from General Council 44. Share your own posts using #UCCanGC44 and join in the conversation with others.