Youth Forum planning committee members
GC44 Youth Forum planning team. Credit: The United Church of Canada

Planning Team

Hello from the General Council 44 Youth Forum planning team! We are excited to serve together and look forward to welcoming you to #GC44youth.

Meet the Team

Katie Vardy (they/them), our “best kind” chair, hails from St. John’s, NL. Katie leads our team and is the liaison to the General Council 44 planning team. With Katie in charge, we’ll “get ‘er done” for you with warmth and humour! Katie is an alum of the GC42 Youth Forum as the GC42 Pilgrim from Newfoundland. They were also a home group leader for the Youth Forum at GC43. Katie is heading to Emmanuel College in September 2020.

Amy McClelland (she/her) (its_amy_baby on Instagram) has the biggest smile ever and is an organizer extraordinaire. Amy has worked with The GO Project since 2017 and brings loads of leadership gifts and skills to #GC44youth. She was a GC42 Youth Forum delegate and the GC42 Pilgrim from Bay of Quinte Conference. Amy knows how to pack light!

Georgia Barratt-Lamey (she/her) is from Montreal, QC and knows how to sparkle in both French and English. It’s a rare photo of youth and young adult activities in Conseil régional Nakonhaka Regional Council that doesn’t feature Georgia because she is ALWAYS involved. She developed her leadership chops with The GO Project, but that energy she has is an innate quality. Georgia was a delegate to the GC42 Youth Forum and home group leader for the GC43 Youth Forum.

David Koshy (he/him), aka The Beard, is the true baby of the group—but he’s been raised right. David is our prairie guy and the pride of Regina, SK. Need tech help or to look good in a pic? Call on David! A delegate to the GC43 Youth Forum, he is still wondering what he has gotten himself into by volunteering with this team.

Staff support comes from Amy Crawford and Terry Beaumont at the General Council Office. They have their good cop/bad cop routine down to a science and will sleep again come September 2021.