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May 11 Info Session on Restructuring of the Indigenous Church

Everyone is invited to attend a virtual event hosted by the National Indigenous Council on Wednesday, May 11, at 7 p.m. EDT to learn more about General Council 44 proposal NIC 01: Restructuring of the Indigenous Church.

Murray Pruden, Executive Minister for Indigenous Ministries and Justice, welcomes everyone to learn more about the proposal and to discuss its details. Pruden explains that the “[National Indigenous Council] is welcoming the Commissioners of GC44 and [members of] the United listen and share in dialogue of…proposal NIC 01.” The time will be split between presenting the proposal and engaging in a time of question and answer.

Proposal N1C 01 was discussed at the first Learning Session of General Council 44 on March 9. The proposal states that “Creator is calling us to continue constructing the governance framework of the National Indigenous Circle” that “necessitates changes to the United Church’s structure.” The calls to action outlined in the proposal would allow the Indigenous Circle and the United Church to move toward being partners in God’s call. Adopting the proposal would also help the United Church live into its commitments to equity by adopting principles of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the framework outlined in the Calls to the Church.

The May 11 event will be held in English and will have French interpretation available. You can find further details on the event page. To receive the Zoom link please e-mail Lizbeth Villegas.