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New appointments

The following appointments have just been finalized. Thank you to all those who are willing to volunteer -- your time and effort are much appreciated, and, frankly, we couldn't do our work without you!

Please check out (and share!) our current volunteer and job opportunities.

Canadian Council of Churches: Governing Board (June 2027)

  • Adekunle Adeniyi (Ordained Minister, Fundy-St. Lawrence Dawning Waterways) 
  • Jeffrey Dale (Ordained Minister, Western Ontario Waterways)

Structural Change Evaluation Steering Group

  • Shirley Cleave (Lay Person, Fundy-St. Lawrence Dawning Waters)
  • Ryan McNally (Ordained Minister, East Central Ontario)
  • Wilson Gonese (Ordained Minister, Fundy-St. Lawrence Dawning Waters)
  • Joshua Bell (Lay Person, Living Skies)
  • TBD – members appointed by the Indigenous Church

General Council Executive (General Council 45, 2025)

  • Katherine Brittain (Ordained, Pacific Mountain) 

Board of Vocation (General Council 45, 2025)

  • Lee Spice (Ordained Minister, Chinook Winds)

Anti-Racism Common Table (General Council 45, 2025)

On the Joint recommendation of the Nominations Committees of the General Council and La Table des Ministères en français

  • Luc Noubissi (Lay Person, Shining Waters)

Nominations Committee (General Council 45, 2025)

  • Allan Buckingham (Lay Person, Chinook Winds)

Vision Fund Grants Working Group

  • Joshua Bell (Lay Person, Living Skies)
  • Debbie Siertsema (Lay Person, Western Ontario Waterways)
  • Hillary Van Spronsen (Ordained Minister, Chinook Winds)

There are all to fill outstanding vacancies in the Office of Vocation:

Admission Board (3-4 vacancies)

  • Deanna Cox – Ordained Minister, Northern Spirit
  • Janet Nield – Diaconal Minister, Eastern Ontario Outaouais
  • Whitton Daley – Ordained Minister, Western Ontario Waterways
  • Wonder Chimvinga – Ordained Minister, Western Ontario Waterways 

Prairie Candidacy Board (3 vacancies)

  • Keith Hall – Diaconal Minister, Living Skies
  • Rick Burton – Lay Person, Living Skies 

North and Central Ontario Candidacy Board (3 vacancies)

  • Shane Judge – Lay Person, Canadian Shield 

Quebec and East Ontario Candidacy (2 vacancies)

  • Marco Ste-Marie – Designated Lay Minister, Chinook Winds 

Atlantic Candidacy (1 vacancy)

  • Susan Butler-Jones – Ordained Minister, Fundy-St. Lawrence Dawning Waters 

Credentialing Committee (2-3 vacancies)

  • Neil Parker – Ordained Minister, Western Ontario Waterways 
  • Janet Kilgannon - Lay Person, Horseshoe Falls
  • Kate Young – Ordained Minister, Horseshoe Falls 

Standards for Accreditation Committee (1 vacancy)

  • Shaun Yaskiw – Ordained Minister, Nakonha:ka 

Remedial Committee (2 vacancies)

  • Thomas (Tae Sung) Shin – Ordained Minister, Shining Waters
  • Craig Neely – Lay Person, Living Skies