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Results of the vote on Remit 1

Remit 1 has passed. 

All 16 regional councils, the National Indigenous Council, and 80% of pastoral charges in The United Church of Canada participated in the vote on Remit 1: Establishing an Autonomous National Indigenous Organization. 

Thank you once again to all everyone who voted in this process.

The voting process engaged many across the church in deep and sometimes challenging conversations about right relations with Indigenous Peoples. Throughout this process, it became particularly clear that there is a need for deeper and ongoing work to address the issues of systemic racism which persist in the church, despite our continued commitment to reconciliation. We will re-engage this important work this year. 

Meanwhile, there is one final phase in the remit process. The 44th General Council Annual Meeting will be asked to enact the remit when it meets on October 19, 2024. This is the same process for all Category 3 remits. 

In anticipation of the General Council enacting the remit in October, the National Indigenous Council, the National Indigenous Elders Council, and the Executive of the General Council will continue to work together to identify and lay out a framework for the autonomous Indigenous organization within the United Church.