Invigorating Leadership: Join Learning Session 4 on March 30

GC44 Learning Sessions continued yesterday and will continue next Wednesday, March 30, at 7 p.m. ET. Everyone is invited to view these sessions live or after the fact via our YouTube channel.

Session 4 on March 30 will include worship and will continue to discuss proposals grouped under the theme of one of the five strategic objectives―Invigorate Leadership: Innovating for Bold Discipleship. This is the second of two sessions on this theme. In this second session, there will be a discussion of proposals related to staff performance reviews, jurisdiction of clergy, alternative pastoral relationships, and assessments of vocational processes.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

Greeting and Welcome

Opening Worship

Introduction of the Learning Time

ARW01 Senior GCO & Regional Staff Performance Reviews
SW03 Senior GCO & Regional Staff Performance Review
WOW02 Including Rest & Renewal for GC & Regional Staff

SW05 A Jurisdiction of Clergy
ARW04 A Jurisdiction of Clergy

ARW02 Vocational Review and Discipline Accountability
ARW03 Vocational Process Accountability
SW04 Vocational Process Accountability

ECO02 Cooperative Communities of Faith and Alternative Pastoral Relationships
ECO01 Clergy Consultative Committee

ARW05 Care of the Church’s Marginalized
SW08 Care of the Church’s Marginalized


Closing Worship