Learning Sessions begin March 9

General Council continues online this month! The Learning phase - time for Commissioners and others to learn about proposals ahead of discussion and voting - will take place between March 9 and May 4. There will be seven (7) sessions over this time period. Each session will be 90 minutes in length (beginning at 4pm PT / 7pm ET / 8:30pm NT) and will be held in worship. If you are unable to attend a particular session, there will be a recordings of the session available to you for review.

Proposals are grouped in relation to the five strategic objectives of the new strategic plan. Each night the proposals connected to one of these themes will be explored:

  • Learning Session 1 – March 9: Nurture Common Good: Equity and Sustainability in Resources
  • Learning Session 2 – March 16: Strengthen Invitation: Humility and Confidence in Sharing Faith
  • Learning Session 3 – March 23: Invigorate Leadership: Innovating for Bold Discipleship (A)
  • Learning Session 4 – March 30: Invigorate Leadership: Innovating for Bold Discipleship (B)
  • Learning Session 5 – April 6: Embolden Justice: Collaborating to Mend Church and World
  • Learning Session 6 – April 27: Deepen Integrity: Living Climate Commitments
  • Learning Session 7 – May 4: To Be Announced

In the first session, Nurture Common Good, we will be discussing some proposals related to community of faith voting, salary and pension equity, relationships with the francophone church and future directions with the Indigenous church.

Proposed Agenda for March 9th Nurture Common Good:

Block A (10 minutes)

  • NS02 Community of Faith Meeting Quorum
  • NS03 Criteria and Authority for a Regional Council to End a Pastoral Relationship
  • RC1502 Support for Ministry Personnel Taking Maternity and/or Parental Leave
  • Song/Scripture

Block B (10 minutes)

  • PM03 Pension Equity for UCC Pension Plan Members
  • SW06 Ministry Personnel Salary Equity
  • Worship Moment

Block C (10 minutes)

  • N:ka03 Recognition of La Table des ministères en français

Block D (25 minutes)

  • NIC01 Restructuring the Indigenous Church
  • GS10 Living into Reconciliation

Anyone can watch GC44 sessions live or recorded on The United Church of Canada's YouTube Channel.