Way Forward Proposals Available

The recent GC44 Discussion Sessions were a time for Commissioners, Youth Forum members, and global, ecumenical, and interfaith partners to talk in small groups about proposals they felt required further discussion. Twenty-one groups met for a total of six Discussion Sessions June 17‒19. Based on the notes from these conversations, the Facilitation Team has created Suggested Ways Forward.

Discussion Group members have the ability between now and the start of the Decision Sessions to make comments or ask clarifying questions about the Ways Forward. While only Discussion Group members can comment, these proposals are available for anyone to view via the Discussion Groups tab on PheedLoop if you have registered as a visitor (space is still available to register). If you are not a registered PheedLoop visitor, you can go to the United Church Commons and navigate to Governance / General Council / 44th General Council / 6. Facilitation Team to find “What We Have Heard (Suggested Ways Forward).”

Decision Sessions are open to visitors and will be held July 21‒25 live via PheedLoop or YouTube. We will provide daily updates on these sessions on this website to summarize decisions that have been made.