Working toward Greater Equity and Self-Determination at GC44

“Equity, like liturgy, is the work of the people.” These were the words of Kenji Marui, a member of the Equity Support Team for the GC43 Annual Meeting in 2021. At GC44, which begins on February 13, 2022, the whole of the gathered community—commissioners, staff, guests, and visitors—will be invited into this important work of striving for equity throughout the six months of the General Council process.

As a resource to the community’s work, GC44 will have seven members of an Equity Support Team and two Honourary Elders. The Elders will be leading the Council in spiritual guidance and Indigenous wisdom and understanding. The team and the Elders will collaborate to support the council in practising equity and good relationships.

“This diverse team will assist the meeting in working toward the fuller participation of people of all identities, and they will offer analysis and proactive feedback for the meeting as a whole,” says Adele Halliday, Anti-Racism and Equity Lead for The United Church of Canada. The new terminology of “Equity Support Team” is being used instead of “Equity Monitor” to more accurately reflect the supportive—not reprimanding—role of the team.

In intentionally addressing equity in the governing body of the denomination, the United Church is continuing to live into a series of commitments made over the past years.

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